A Taste of Thrill, Sweat and Glamour at Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco-Grand-PrixA mention of Monaco in any conversation conjures images of splendour and sophistication, which ooze from every part of the city. Well, if you are a Formula One enthusiast, you can now enjoy this glamorous city and still get more thrills watching F1 action on the most popular race circuit in the F1 calendar.

You see, the Monaco Grand Prix is on, come May 21st to 24 2015, and with tickets on sale, you need to appreciate why there is so much hype about the Monte Carlo street circuit. You might have viewed your favourite driver on all other tracks, but if you have not seen them race in Monaco; you are missing it big time.

Here are reasons Monaco GP 2015 must be in your to-do-list:

1.       Glamour fused with prestige

You will have to agree that Monaco is rightfully called a millionaires’ playground for a good reason. There is so much to enjoy, from the best casino in the world Monte Carlo, marvellous architecture and much more, which you can sample during F1 practice on Thursday and Saturday.

2.       Best dining in Europe

The Mediterranean is famed for its culinary blends, and in Monaco, you will sample the best from world renowned chefs in classy hotels such as Fairmont and many restaurants such as the Michelin. You will have a sample of what Europe has to offer.

3.       Monaco Grand Prix

Of course the gist of your visit is race action and the Monte Carlo streets don’t disappoint when it comes to this. This is one of the oldest tracks in F1 calendar dating back to 1929. It is the home of F1 legends where every legend from Senna, Prost, Stirling Moss and Schumacher has claimed wins. It is the toughest track due to the sharp hairpins and limited overtaking opportunities.

4.       Monaco attractions

If you love maximizing a visit to your favourite destinations, then Monaco has everything you need. Whether you are a nature buff or you just love lying back as you wait for the big Sunday race action, there is everything for you. You can visit the iconic Oceanographic museum and marvel at marine life in a magnificent setting. The Jardin Exotique and numerous parks in the city make for an idyllic experience for you to sit back and unwind before taking your seat for race action on May 24th.

There is so much more that you can do during your weekend stay in Monte Carlo that you just have to be there to experience it. Want to witness the making of a hero?  Start with buying your ticket before they sell out. There are still some special offers left at Senate Grand Prix.


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